space available for special projects

and a matrix grid design. Offering

quick access to Highways 27, 401,

407, 409, and 427, the business

park has expansive parking lots

for maneuvering large equipment

and it features:

441 Carlingview Business Park

is an advanced industrial

manufacturing park spread over

six acres and housing various

manufacturing- and engineering-

related businesses. There's over

150,000 square feet of flex

» more than 15 cranes

» 500-lb to 200-ton lifting capacity

» clear bay access of 60 feet

» high clearance (60-foot ceilings)

» multiple oversize doors

» space for large machinery

» wide thoroughfares


441 Carlingview Business Park has an interesting history.


In the late 1960s, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment was contemplating building a sewer system extending from

Newmarket to Pickering. After performing soil tests for the excavation, it was determined the conditions would be some

of the most challenging ever encountered — involving underground rivers and boulders — so there was major concern

about the safety of the workers; up until that point, tunnel excavation was done by hand using pickaxes and pneumatic

spades, and compressed air was the only thing supporting the tunnel's integrity until the inner support was constructed.


Richard Lovat — who had formed his company Richard's Machinery and Repair Ltd. by this time — was confident he

could build a tunnel boring machine (TBM) that would meet the requirements to complete the project — and he did! —

but his first challenge was convincing the engineers that it could be done. Lovat Tunnel Equipment Inc. (LOVAT) was

born, and the fabrication of the four TBMs required for what became known as the York Durham Sewage System job

was done at 441 Carlingview Drive.


In 2008, Caterpillar acquired LOVAT and continued TBM manufacturing operations at 441 Carlingview Drive until 2014,

when they opted out of the TBM industry due to the changing landscape. At that point, LOVSUNS acquired Caterpillar's

tunnelling assets and stayed put at 441 Carlingview Drive until 2017, when they moved the TBM-manufacturing portion

of their business to China. That opened the door for 441 Carlingview Drive Inc., which bought the business park in 2019.





For more info or to discuss leasing options, please contact Rob Riopelle at 416-391-0443.


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